Poland, 2012, 133 min., drama

Script Eugeniusz Korin
Cinematography Arkadiusz Tomiak
Art Direction Katarzyna Filimioniuk
Music Archive
Editing Marcin “Kot” Bastkowski
Sound Kacper Habisiak, Marcin Kasinski, Leszek Freud
Producer Klaudiusz Frydrych, Sylwia Wilkos, Roman Gutek
Cast Michal Zebrowski, Anna Przybylska, Daniel Olbrychski, Piotr Fronczewski, Pawel Malaszynski, Miroslaw Baka, Andrzej Seweryn

Imagine that you have the power to decide on people’s lives. Who will you to condemn, and who will you save? In the center of Europe a man suddenly disappears without a trace. The investigation into this strange occurrence is put in the hands Vulture (Michal Zebrowski) – a police officer who appears to be lacking any feelings; hard, incorruptible, no hidden bribes,no favors or paybacks to others. And then he meets Natasha, (Anna Przybylska), and Vulture begins to play a dangerous game. The enemy, however, always seems to be a step ahead of him and he uncovers a world where people have a double life. For the first time, logical thinking leads him into trap with no way out. Suddenly, the hunter turns into hunted balancing on the edge between passion and reason, a world of logic and clever manipulation, and Vulture will have to answer the question: Is there anything more important than law?
The soundtrack is by the British music group – Archive.


Born in1954 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Korin is a Polish film and theatre director with Rossian origins. He graduated from the Department of Acting and Directing at the National Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema in Leningrade (1975). Korin also graduated from the Department of Directing at National Theatre School in Warsaw (1980). He has been a citizen of Poland since 1990. A theatrical producer and the author of many translations and adaptations of scripts; Korin is the co-funder and artistic director of the Theatre on 6th Floor in Warsaw.


2012 The Vulture (Sep)